A fresh new Look for CreativeChris

A fresh new Look for CreativeChris 2015

So I’ve finally started to plan out my new look for CreativeChris; i aim to have both and english and a Swedish version of my website!
Time and time again i’m told that my public portfolio is one of the most important things that i shall ever design, with that i mind i set out to keep things minimal and simple, guiding the user with ease to view as many of my creative projects without boring the hell out of them.

It may sound a little unprofessional but due to my full-time creative commitments & additional side projects while learning a new language i rarely find the time to update my own portfolio; this always bugs me as i love to display and showcase old, new and current projects that im/ive worked on. I have hundreds of completed professional projects….so this year my goal is to set aside some extra time to add them my online portfolio collection.

About Chris Wood | graphic designer in Sweden UK

“I specialise in all areas of Digital Multimedia, web and Graphic Design; From the creation of Logos, Corporate Identity, Printed materials, Illustration, Online/Website design, 3D animation, Video production and Photography”.